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About Us

Founded in 2016, MSTR has nearly 200 active participants, including representation from several midwestern states as well as Canada. While our riders own all makes and models of motorcycles, from Aprilia to Yamaha, our common bond is our passion for riding. The members of MSTR, known to us as MSTRiders, travel to great riding destinations both near and far, becoming better riders and building camaraderie along the way.

As responsible members of this club, we take our sport seriously and act responsibly.  We endorse a riding enjoyment and safety culture that embraces an ATGATT (All The Gear, All The Time) mindset. That said, some of our members are former racers and many others have participated in track days where riding skills can be improved in a secure environment. As our “middle name” indicates, many of us enjoy spirited sport riding, but always responsibly and within safe limits. Our club is designed to offer something for everyone – all types of riders and all different skill levels – from beginner to expert and everything in between.

If you’re looking to meet others that share your enthusiasm for motorcycling… ride with us!

2020 & 2021

2020 Summary

Due to the coronavirus we got off to a late start, having to cancel several of our most popular out-of-state rides. Many MSTRiders created their own limited attendance, mini-events to keep fellow riders safe while still enjoying the freedom and exhilaration that comes with motorcycle riding.

Once we got the riding season kicked off, MSTRiders enjoyed multiple riding events in a row, including the annual Ladies Day Ride, the 1/2K ride, Barn Burn Raid (BBR), Up North Camping Ride (UNCR), Tip of The Mitt (TOTM), and two fall color rides, the Fall Color Ride West Virginia edition (FCR-WV) and Fall Color Ride Michigan Renegade Mountain Ride edition (FCR-MR2). 

Visit our Smugmug site to see MSTRiders enjoying themselves at these 2020 events and also at many of our other events throughout the years.


Hopefully science prevails and a vaccine is readily available so we can put the whole coronavirus nightmare behind us by the time our 2021 riding season starts in April with one of our favorites, the Missouri-Arkansas (MoArk) event. In May, we’ll be back in the Smoky Mountains at the Michigan Renegade Mountain Ride (MR2). We then have some planning to do for the rides in June and July before returning to the Barn Burn Raid in August. As always, we’ll wrap up next year with Tip of The Mitt (TOTM), and then the Fall Color Ride (FCR).